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 Feline Information

Here is helpful information about our feline companions; from Diseases and Parasites, to Travel Hints and How To's. Everything you may need to know from A to Z.


Acne Download Acne.doc

Age Changes in Cats Download AgingChg.doc

Air Travel Download AirTrav.doc

Allergies in Cats Download Allergy.doc

Anal Sac Disease Download AnalSac.doc

Anemia Download Anemia.doc

Asthma Download Asthma.doc

Ear Hematoma Download AuralHem.doc

Bladder Stones Download BladStns.doc

Blastomycosis Download Blasto.doc

Breeding Cats and Rearing Kittens Download Breeding.doc

C Section Post Opt Instructions Download C-Sect.doc

Cardiomyopathy Download Cardiomy.doc

Special Litter to help with Elimination Issues Download cat attract litter information.docx

Inappropriate Urination Download cat inappropriate urination.docx

Cat Scratch Disease Download CatScrDz.doc

Cholangiohepatitis (inflammation of gall bladder and Liver) Download Chohep.doc

Chylothorax (Lymph Fluid in the Chest) Download Chylotx.doc

Chronic Nasal Discharge Download CNasalDz.doc

Coccidia Download Coccidia.doc

Corneal Ulcer (Ulcer on the Eye) Download CorUlcer.doc

Cruciate Rupture (Ligament in Knee) Download CrucRupt.doc

Cryptococcosis (Fungal Disease) Download Crypto.doc

Cystitis (Bladder Infection) Download Cystitis.doc

Cytauxzoonosis (From a Tick Bite) Download Cytaux.doc

Dental Disease Download DentalDz.doc

Diabetes Download Diabetes.doc

Diarrhea Download Diarrhea.doc

Esophagostomy Tube (Stomach Tube) Download E-Tube.doc

Ear Infection Download EarInf.doc

Endoscopy (What to Expect) Download Endoscop.doc

Fatty Liver Disease Download FatLiver.doc

Feline Leukemia Disease Download FeLVDz.doc

Feline Infectious Anemia (Hemobartenella- Blood Disease) Download FIA.doc

Fight Wound Infections Download FightWnd.doc

Feline Infectious Peritonitis Download FIP.doc

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Download FIV.doc

Flea Allergies Download FleaAll.doc

Flea Control Download FleaCont.doc

Food Allergies Download FoodAll.doc

G Tube (Feeding Tube) Download G-Tube.doc

Geriatric Cats Download GerCats.doc

Giardia (Parasite) Download Giardia.doc

Understanding Grief in Children Download Grief.doc

Heartworm Disease Download Heartwrms.doc

Histoplasmosis (Fungal Disease) Download Histo.doc

Hookworms (Parasite) Download Hookwrms.doc

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Download Hyperten.doc

Hyperthyroid Disease Download Hyperthy.doc

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Download IBD.doc

Icterus (Jaundice- yellowing of tissues) Download Icterus.doc

Kidney Disease Download KidDz.doc

What you need to know about kittens Download Kitten.doc

Litter Box Training Download LitterBox.doc

Megacolon Download Megacoln.doc

Pancreatitis Download Pancrea.doc

Using Phenobarbital for seizues Download Phenob.doc

Pleural Effusion (Fluid in Chest) Download Pleural.doc

Post Operation Care Download Post-op.doc

Pregnancy Download pregnancy- feline.docx

Pyelonephritis (Kidney Infection) Download Pyelon.doc

Pyometra (infection in the Uterus) Download Pyometra.doc

Pyothorax (Infection in the Chest) Download Pyotho.doc

Rabies Download Rabies.doc

Recommendations for cat owners Download Recom.doc

Ringworm Download Ringworm.doc

Roundworms Download Roundwm.doc

Seizures Download Seizures.doc

Stomatitis (Inflammation of the Mouth) Download Stomat.doc

Tapeworms Download Tapewms.doc

Thyroidectomy (Removal of the Thyroid Gland) Download Thy-ect.doc

Toxoplasmosis (Infectious Disease caused by a parasite) Download Toxo.doc

Information about an Ultrasound- what to expect Download Ultrasnd.doc

Upper Respiratory Infection Download URI.doc

Vaccine Failure Download VacFail.doc

Chronic Vomiting Download Vom-Chr.doc

Vomiting Download Vomiting.doc

Zoonotic Diseases  Download Zoonotic Disease.docx



We are pleased beyond words with the professionalism and care we ALWAYS receive from the staff at Alpine Animal Hospital.

From the office personnel to the assistants and veterinarians, EVERYONE goes the extra mile to see to the comfort of the pet AND owner. Routine health checks are thorough, concerns and/or emergencies dealt with in a rational manner with no hesitation in seeking second opinions from specialists in a particular field if deemed necessary.

A responsible pet owner could not have their pet in better hands than to be entrusted to the CARE available at Alpine Animal Hospital.

The 24 hour "on call" service available for established clients is invaluable and gives one tremendous peace of mind.

We are fortunate to have such a fine facility in our "up north" area.

- Brad and Patty Aarons