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Here is helpful information about our canine companions; from Diseases and Parasites, to Travel Hints and How To's. Everything you may need to know from A to Z. 


Airline Travel Download AirTrav.doc

Allergy Download Allergy.doc

Anal sac Download AnalSac.doc

Anaplasmosis Download Anaplasmosis.docx

Anemia Download Anemia.doc

Rodenticides Download Anticoagulant Rodenticides.docx

Arsenic Poisoning Download Arsenic Poisoning.docx

Ear Hematoma Download AuralHem.doc

Autoimmune Disease Download automimmune hemolitic anemia.docx

Introducing Babies to Dogs Download Baby2Dog.doc

Bladder Stones Download BladStns.doc

Bland Homemade Diet Download bland diet-homemade (GI).docx

Blastomycosis Download Blasto.doc

Blindeness Download Blindness.docx

Bloat Download Bloat.doc

Puppy Bone Disease Download BoneDis.doc

Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Download Bordetel.doc

Breeding and Raising Puppies Download Breeding.doc

C- Section Download C-Sect.doc

C-Section post opt instructions Download Cesarean section- post opt instructions.docx

Cardiomyopathy  Download Cardiomyopathy.doc

Cherry Eye Download cherry eye.docx

Cheyletiella Mite Download Cheyletiella Dermatitis.docx

Chocolate Overdose Download chocolate toxicosis.docx

How to Clean and Medicate Ears Download Cleaning and Medicating the Ears.docx

Clostridium Download clostridium in dogs.docx

Coccidia Download Coccidia1.doc

Collapsing Trachea Download ColTrach.doc

Corneal Ulcers Download CornUlc.doc

Corona Virus Download CoronaV.doc

Crate Training Your Dog Download Crating Done Right.docx

Cruciate Ligament Injury Download CrucLig.doc

Cushings Download Cushings.doc

Cuterebra Mite Download Cuterebra larval infestation.docx

Bladder Infection Download Cystitis.doc

Dilated Cardiomyopathy Download DCM.doc

Demodex Mite Download Demodex.doc

Dental Disease Download DentalDz.doc

Diabetes Download Diabetes.doc

Diaphram hernia Download diaphragmatic hernia.docx

Diarrhea Download Diarrhea.doc

Disk Disease Download DiskDz.doc

Distemper Download Distempr.doc

Storm Phobia Download Does your dog shake and shiver at the very thought of stormy weather.docx

Ear Cleaning and Medicating Download ear cleaning & medicating handout.docx

Ear Infections Download EarInf.doc

Ehrlichiosis Download Ehrlich.doc

Flea Allergies Download FleaAll.doc

Flea Control Information Download FleaCont.doc

Food Allergies Download FoodAll.doc

Giardia Download Giardia.doc

Heartworm diseae Download Heartwms.doc

Bloody Diarrhea Download Hem.enteritis.doc

Hepatitis Download Hepatits.doc

Hip Dysplasia Download HipDysp.doc

Home Care of: Splints, Casts, and Bandages Download Home care of Splints, casts, bandagesl.docx

Hookworm Infection Download hookworm infection.doc

Hypothyroid Disease Download Hypothy.doc

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Download IBD.doc

Jaundice (yellowing of the skin) Download Icterus.doc

Inguinal Hernia Download Inguinal Hernia in dogs.docx

Kidney Disease Download KidDz.doc

Laryngeal Paralysis Download Laryngeal Paralysis.docx

Leptosporosis Download Lepto.doc

Lick Granulomas (lick sores) Download LickGran.doc

Lumbosacral Stenosis (narrowing of spinal canal) Download LSSten.doc

Luxating Patellas (knee Caps) Download LuxPat.doc

Lyme Disease Download LymeDz.doc

Mast Cell Disease Download mast cell disease.docx

Gene Mutation in some Breeds Download MDR1.docx

Mitral Disease Download MitralDz.doc

Osteochondroisis Download Osteochondrosis.docx

Bone Cancer Download Osteosarcomas.docx

Pancreatitis (Inflammation of the Pancreas) Download Pancrea.doc

Parvo Virus Download Parvo.doc

Phenobarbital Use in Seizures Download Phenob.doc

Potty Bell Training Download Potty Bell Training.docx

Pregnancy Download Pregnancy in dogs.docx

Diseases of the Prostate Download Prostate.doc

Recommendations for New Puppy Owners Download Puppy.doc

Pyometra (Infection in the Uterus) Download Pyomet.doc

Rabies Download Rabies.doc

Recommendations for New Dog Owners Download Recom.doc

Ringworm Download Ringworm.doc

Roundworms Download Roundwms.doc

Sarcoptes Mites Download Sarcops.doc

Staph Dermatitis (Skin Infection) Download StaphDer.doc

Tapeworms Download Tapewms.doc

Tartar Prevention Download Tartar.doc

Tonsillitis (Inflammation in the Tonsils) Download Tonsil.doc

Understanding Ultra Sounds Download Ultrasnd.doc

Pets Bloodwork and what it means Download Understanding your pets bloodwork.docx

Urinary Incontinence (Leaking Urine) Download Urinary Incontinence.docx

Vaccine Failure Download VacFail.doc

Chronic Vomiting Download VomChr.doc

Vomiting Download Vomiting.doc

Von Willebrands Disease Download VWD.doc

Whipworms Download Whipwms.doc

Wobblers Syndrome Download Wobbler.doc

Zoonitic Diseases  Download Zoonotic Disease.docx








We are pleased beyond words with the professionalism and care we ALWAYS receive from the staff at Alpine Animal Hospital.

From the office personnel to the assistants and veterinarians, EVERYONE goes the extra mile to see to the comfort of the pet AND owner. Routine health checks are thorough, concerns and/or emergencies dealt with in a rational manner with no hesitation in seeking second opinions from specialists in a particular field if deemed necessary.

A responsible pet owner could not have their pet in better hands than to be entrusted to the CARE available at Alpine Animal Hospital.

The 24 hour "on call" service available for established clients is invaluable and gives one tremendous peace of mind.

We are fortunate to have such a fine facility in our "up north" area.

- Brad and Patty Aarons