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Gaylord Area Vet

Hospital Tour

Our clinic is set off the highway in a picturesque maple woods. The clinic is bright and clean, with convenient parking and manicured grounds. This attention to detail is just one attribute of many that sets our clinic apart.

Our reception area is open and friendly. We take pride in making you feel welcomed and relaxed. A small play area is available for toddlers during your visit. 

Gaylord Area VetOur exam rooms are bright, airy, and non-threatening to your pet. We take advantage of technological advances in veterinary medicine to treat your pet. Our goal is to put you and your pet at ease and to provide you with the best quality veterinary care available.

To ensure we can meet your pet's drug therapy needs,  we have a fully stocked pharmacy on-premises. We also work closely with compounding pharmacies to formulate your pet's medicines into a more palatable form, for those who have difficulty medicating their pets.

Gaylord Area VetOur on-site blood analysis capabilities allow us to diagnose and treat your pet quickly. Our goal is to have your pet feeling better ASAP.

Routine fecals, ear swabs, urines, and many other tests are performed daily by our well-trained staff. Periodic health exams can diagnose problems early and prevent major disease.

Radiology is an important part of our diagnostic arsenal. Our technicians are well trained in the technical aspects of their job, and are compassionate to the needs of your pet.

Gaylord Area VetWe know that when your pet needs surgery it is a time of great anxiety. While we can't allow you in the surgery suite during procedures, you can be nearby. We use heated tables for comfort and safety as well as advanced sterilization techniques. Oxygen and blood pressure are monitored routinely during surgery, and EKG is available on-site for high risk patients. Blood testing and IV fluids also help ensure a safe recovery.

Gaylord Area VetYou can feel confident that your pet is treated as one of our own during his care at our hospital. Our technicians monitor your pet frequently before, during, and after procedures to ensure the best possible results.


We are pleased beyond words with the professionalism and care we ALWAYS receive from the staff at Alpine Animal Hospital.

From the office personnel to the assistants and veterinarians, EVERYONE goes the extra mile to see to the comfort of the pet AND owner. Routine health checks are thorough, concerns and/or emergencies dealt with in a rational manner with no hesitation in seeking second opinions from specialists in a particular field if deemed necessary.

A responsible pet owner could not have their pet in better hands than to be entrusted to the CARE available at Alpine Animal Hospital.

The 24 hour "on call" service available for established clients is invaluable and gives one tremendous peace of mind.

We are fortunate to have such a fine facility in our "up north" area.

- Brad and Patty Aarons